Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taken- A Very Angry Man with Purpose

I recently saw the movie Taken with Liam Neeson in the lead role.It was my second or third time viewing the film.I have to say the film was kind of a sleeper and didn't get much publicity. However what appealed to me about the movie was the unrelenting drive of Liam's character. The single minded purpose of a father getting his daughter back. The story may be a bit on the simple side, but Neeson pulls it off. This is definitely one of those movies that leans towards a male audience. The fact that Neeson's character is a retired spy adds a dimension of plausibility to the story. Think Jason Bourne with kids and you have the lead in this movie.

Overall I enjoyed it ( hey I'm a guy, and nothing beats a good fight scene). The story was well done even though the first act is a little slow, its the perfect pace for the action that follows. I liked that there are few tangents. It gave you a sense of urgency and kept the pace taut, it worked well in the movie, I don't think it could work as well in a book. I find that kind of pace is what I would use in a chapter and then abruptly switch to another character in a the story. It keeps you guessing and wanting to read more. I suggest looking at it if only to see what a driven character is like.


Everything has a beginning. So here we are. I am starting this blog for all the storytellers. Although the preferred medium will be the written word, the emphasis will be on story which is the engine found across all media. Our lives are rich with story and if you are a writer, then your brain is usually exploding with story ideas. That is what this blog is for, to try and capture those ideas. I will put excerpts from (as yet) unpublished books here, with permission from the authors.Email me if you are one of those authors and would like to showcase your work. Feel free to comment and express your ideas, notice I didn't say bash.

 I will discuss stories I come across that impact me with their brilliance or lack thereof. As the title states this is a place where ideas are born, I welcome you to share yours.

I promised I would share about myself, I also promise to be brief. I have been writing ever since I can remember. I was the student that would take on the extra writing project in English, you know, the one you hated. Currently I have finished my first novel and am working on three other projects. I am a father of a tribe if I told you how many, you wouldn't believe me, trust me on this. I am a martial arts practitioner and have been for the last 26 years. I am an avid handball player and enjoy trouncing my sons on the court, while I still can. My family, my tribe is my core. Most of my sleepless nights are usually spent doing rounds to make sure they are OK. Its a dad thing, if you have children you can relate. I try and write everyday, but life loves to change those plans. I love dogs and currently added a boxer by the name of Winter to our family. As you might have guessed she is white. I didn't name her but it fit and the kids love the name so I figured it was a good package deal. There you have it the abridged version of me. If you have any questions feel free to email me or just comment.
Lets get on with it shall we?