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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Discipline of writing.

Here it is day 21 and I'm 34k in to my month of writing. If there is one thing I want to say about Nano, its this. You want to hit 50k?  You need to have discipline. I also have a new found respect for writers that can produce more than one book a year. Writing is work. After the muse has left town, and inspiration is a dim memory, that's when discipline comes in. It sidles up to you paddle in hand and glares. Then it whispers: "What now? Are you going to dream your way to the end of the book? Maybe if you wish real hard it will write itself!"

Discipline is what it takes to put pen to paper or your fingers to the keys. not when you feel like it, because as I have discovered there will be times when you most certainly DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT. 

The important thing is that writing is not about feelings. Writing, whether it is a novel, screenplay, short story, blog or anything else you choose to do is not about your feelings. Its not about starting the project. Writers have great ideas about things we can start. Writing is about FINISHING. Its about writing until it surpasses good and becomes great. Its about getting the first, second, third, and how ever many you need drafts done. Then when you finish that its about editing and polish. Its about having relationships in the world with people who love to read, who may want to read your work. Its about going into this with both eyes open. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. It's never easy but it is always worth it.

I have 16k left to get to in 9 days, even though the story I'm writing is considerably longer than 50k. I will arrive at 50k in few days. I'm smiling as I write this because that in itself is an accomplishment. It is only the beginning. Remember it takes discipline.

writers write

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Take care of yourself

I don't have many vices. Reading is one of my primary addictions (thank you kindle!) The other is that I do enjoy one cup of coffee every morning. Occasionally I will even splurge and hit the green mermaid place and pay close to five dollars for what I could get for $1.50. I used to do that often, not so much now since I have started writing at home in the man cave.
I write this because many times we think as writers that we need to deprive ourselves of things in order to be good writers. I disagree. I think the more we take care of ourselves the better our writing. This doesn't mean we spend all day at a spa ( although that sounds like a great idea), but it does mean that every so often we indulge in those things we enjoy. I don't subscribe to the tortured artist ideal, I think its pointless. Besides life has enough unpleasantness in it ( just turn on the news if you're unsure of what I mean) I don't need to add more to it.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your body. I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. The motivation for this is that I want to be around to torture my own children when they have kids. I will certainly be the grandfather that spoils kids, undermines their parents, gets them the gifts that are not allowed and gives them more money than they will ever get on  an allowance. Torturing my kids will be hard work, that requires that I be healthy and fit.

My other motivation in regards to writing is a bit more mundane. I cant write well if I feel horrible. Lack of sleep, poor eating, no exercise, and abusing my body harms me and my writing.
This lesson has really hit home this month with Nano going full swing (20k and going strong). I have realized that I need to pace myself. That writing 10k in one day, while a worthwhile goal is difficult with a house full of kids, a business to run and a body to take care of. Yesterday I managed 4k because I took Sunday off to relax and it felt great.
It all comes down to choice. Taking care of yourself should be a priority, no matter what you do.

writers write

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Help my brain is on FIRE!!!

Its day 6. I'm 11k in and frankly my brain is smoldering. Nanowrimo is, for those of us who take a more relaxed approach, like writing at 100 mph. With no brakes. Oh and look there's a turn coming up.

Actually its a great experience so far. The story which I outlined loosely in October, but has been harassing me since early September, is flowing. Granted this is a zero draft because I'm just writing  and not giving much thought to finer details. I'm just getting the story on the page. I'll pull out the scythe on the next pass and the pass after that.

Also this is the first time I'm taking on typing the book as I write. I usually write my books longhand, yes its a long process-hence the smoldering  brain. I wanted to attempt typing this time for several reasons. I wanted to hone the typing skills and I wanted a way to keep an accurate track of word count which is not easily done longhand.

At this rate I have been doing about 2k a day for the last 5 days. I find if I do my writing early in the day it works. Also late at night seems to be a good time, when the little ones are in bed. Middle of the day, not so much. Too distracted with other things pulling ion my time.

Will keep you posted.

writers write

Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNoWriMo-Lets get it done!

This year I'm participating in NaNoWriMo. I did this roller-coaster a few years ago and while I didn't complete the 50k word goal, the project I did work on became the basis of the book I finally published. After grabbing control of this blog again-dont ask how that went, I still have the scars. I decided to share with you how Im doing in my endeavors to write 2000 words a day.

At first I thought 2k? No problem. Then I realized I had a life, a wife to keep happy or at least not irate, a tribe of kids, a school to run, two weekly blogs, a book in beta reader stage which will come back needing rewriting, and other projects to write. What the hell was I thinking?

So for your reading pleasure here is the chapter of Sepia Blue-Origins, enjoy! This is a zero draft so it rough but I wanted to share it with all of you.

Her body slammed into the wall cracking brick and ribs. The impact forced the breath from her body in a violent gasp.  Heat flushed her body the next moment as she felt her ink flare, muting the pain, knitting bone and tissue. The meaty hand around her neck began to squeeze.  Part of her brain informs her that this is a very bad situation, she ignores it. Always stating the obvious-she thought as her vision begins to tunnel in. Taking a moment to orient herself, she looks up the arm of the mountain that just tried to crush her into a wall. He bares his teeth in what she can only imagine is a smile. Brutes are not known for their intelligence.  They were big, strong, fast, and almost impossible to kill. She was glad there was only one.

“I have a clear shot.” said the voice over her com link.
“No! Cade I got this.” She planted her feet against the wall and pushed, forcing the Brute to step back and loosening his grip for a second. A second is all she needs as she reaches up and pulls back on his hand and breaking the thumb, compromising the stranglehold around her neck. It was so sudden the pain doesn't register for a moment. She hears Cade, cursing under his breath.

“Sepia let me end him, he didn't even feel that, the bastard.”  She crouches under the hay-maker that would have removed her head from her body had it connected.  Realizing that Cade is right-the Brute isn't fazed by a broken finger, she’s not surprised.
“I need information Cade; I can’t get it if it’s dead.
“Better it than you.”
“No killing.”  

She rolls behind the Brute as it delivers a stomp that crushes the wall behind her. This was turning into a bad night. She wanted to take this thing down without killing it, and she wasn’t seeing a way to do it. She turned to the Brute as it was advancing.
“If you tell me why you are so far from home I promise not to kill you.” she said.
“Hunter dies tonight.” The Brute’s voice was a rasp. The words like the grinding of two boulders, all jagged edges and pain.
“What the fu-“Cade was mid-sentence when the head shot took down the Brute. There was a look of shock mixed with surprise on the Brute’s face.  It took one more step before crashing to the ground.

“Goddamn it Cade, I told you no killing.” She rolled the Brute over to check the body, finding nothing of importance. What was it doing so far downtown? Who had sent it? Did it really speak to her? Could the Unholy be intelligent? So many questions and no answers.
“That wasn’t me Sepia, and since when did they learn to speak? I’ve never heard one of them speak, ever.” She turned, scanning the rooftops as she answered.
“Me either, I didn’t even think they had language. He was clear on the message though. Someone wants me dead.” said Sepia.
“If it wasn’t you, then someone is piggybacking us.” She knew Cade well enough to know he would never kill unless she was in real danger. No this was someone else. Someone was trying to make a point.
“Let’s see how good they are Cade.”
“I’m already moving.”
“Meet you there.

 She had a rough idea of where the shooter would set up judging from the trajectory of the shot.  She ran towards the building she thought the sniper had used. The streets in lower New York were a labyrinth, thanks to the English. She reached the rooftop at the same time as Cade scaled over the edge.

“Whoever they were, they’re good. That’s easily a four hundred yard shot.” said Cade as he paced around the roof taking in vantage points.
“Good, but not as good as you. How many gunners can make that shot you think?” Sepia was looking over the edge of the roof trying to gauge how high up they were.
“We’re about forty feet up. How many? All of them. At least all the ones I know.” Cade was crouched over the edge.
“He took the shot from here, not bad. Far enough to be difficult close enough to hide.”
“This smells Cade, it smells wrong.”
“If you had let me take my shot-“She glared at him.
“Sepia you can’t keep doing this, these principles or ideals or whatever you want to call them are going to get you killed. You have to eliminate them; it’s the only way you get to go home at the end of your tour. You know I’m right.”
“No Cade, all life is sacred even unholy life.” she said as she jumped off the side of the building onto the street below. 

The deserted street swallowed her footsteps as she walked away.You are in the wrong line of work little girl, and it’s going to get you and me killed one day. Cade thought as scaled the metal railing of the fire escape, down to the street continuing their patrol.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is a guest post-deal with it

I'm a hunter. Its what I do. When you go to bed at night, comfortable in your homes behind your walls and self imposed deceptions I'm on the streets. My name is, hell does it even matter? Fine. My name is Sepia Blue and no its not my given name, I don't even know what that is. Enough with the name.

Why am I here hijacking this blog? I'm tired of being in his head.  I decided it was time you heard my voice. For some time now I have been suggesting to him to get my story down. I whisper to him when he is sleeping or when he is doing some of his other writing.  Writing. Not. About. Me.  I don't do coy well. I am at the point where I want to shove my blade between his ribs, gently of course. Just to get his attention.

So you want to know what I hunt? I hunt nightmares. I hunt things that would make you soil yourself, crawl into the fetal position and wish you had never been born. I face them with Cade my partner-when he isn't being a pain in my ass.  Most of the time I face them alone. There is an order, a balance in my city-New York. Hunters maintain that balance. When that balance is threatened, say some nasty creature wants to make entrees out of you, my bosses call me. I cancel the menu.

I'm not like you-what would absolutely kill you, would probably kill me. Its a big difference, trust me. No I'm not immortal-what is this a comic book? However I do have the skill and the weapons that level the playing field. My sword, Perdition is what I like to call a blade of evil. Cue in the cackling. Every time I use it, I lose a part of myself - its a raw deal, I cope by not drawing it unless I have to. I'm also covered in ink, every Hunter is. It gives us strength and protects us. Don't ask me how- some ancient rite, special ink, some other things I didn't get. Bottom line is that I look like a yakuza's wet dream, covered neck to ankle in designs. Hey they keep me alive while I do my job so its a fair trade-off.

So why am I here? Two reasons. First I'm putting him on notice. Write my story before I visit you in the most unpleasant way possible. I know how to be an unpleasant bitch, trust me. Second, he is going to need help. This is where you come in. Make sure you help him get this story done in a timely manner. I would hate to have to visit you as well. Actually you would hate it, I wouldn't mind at all.
The name of the book is Sepia Blue-Origins. Make it happen.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Revision and Self-Editing for Publication

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of books on writing. As a writer,  martial arts instructor, father of seven ( yes seven) I rarely have time to attend writing seminars. The last writing seminar I attended was two years ago held by the Open Center in New York City. It was a Right to Write seminar by Julia Cameron and it was excellent.

However as artists we must always seek to improve our craft. So I keep my skills sharp on my blogs and I am constantly in the middle of several books. Some are fiction ( pick up anything by Brandon Sanderson, my current read is the Mistborn series), some are on martial arts, and some are on writing.

Lately I have been reading Revision &Self Editing for Publication by James Scott Bell. You can get it on amazon here :

I initially purchased this as an e-book for my kindle and then realized this was the kind of book that becomes a reference, a resource, so I purchased it as a paperback as well. If you are a writer, or an aspiring writer, this is a book you need to have in your author arsenal. This is the book that will help you polish your manuscript.  It asks the right questions, the hard questions. It spurs you to action with the sole goal of making your book the best it can be. GET THIS BOOK. Read it,  Write in it. Read it again. Do the exercises. Then go and thank James Bell.

writers write

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writer Support

I am fortunate to be part of several communities, tribes if you will. One of these tribes is my writing tribe. Writers appear to the outside world as a reclusive, introverted and strange bunch. We are. We hear voices, create strange worlds, live in our minds and get these images and places down somewhere we can share them.  This tribe is also incredibly supportive.

I have had the pleasure of meeting mainstream published writers and indie self published writers. The only difference between the two was how they chose to share their work with the world. Writers are gracious, witty, bizarre, hilarious, somber, insightful and open to new ideas. I've had writers meet with me , just because. Its how we are. When I published my first book, writers ( I only knew a few then) cheered me on. My victory was theirs as well-they truly elevated my voice. They also kicked my ass, and told me in no uncertain terms-get started on the next book, NOW.

In this spirit I would like to support a writer who has been writing probably longer than I've been alive (sorry Chuck lol). His name is Chuck Wendig and he writes a great blog and has some excellent books out as well.

You can find the  blog here :

Currently he is offering a bundle of books for only $10.00. Its an excellent bundle and well worth your picking up, especially if you are a writer.
You can find the link to bundle here:

He is offering this for a short time ( during NaNoWriMo), so get it while you can.

This is what we do as writers, like Atlas we hold each other up. Show each other off when we can and get those voices out in to the world.

writers write


Silence the censor

Every writer has gone through this. That voice, you know the one- THE VOICE. That says what you are writing is rubbish. The one that says you cant possibly be a REAL WRITER. It advises you to quit now while you're behind.  This writing business is hard, why not take up something less challenging, like neurosurgery?

We have all been there, in fact every time I face a blank page or screen somewhere in the background I hear my inner censor chuckle. He whispers what now? What will you dare to write? Its a very good question-that usually freezes me.

I'm here to inform you that there are ways around  your censor. No you cant silence him completely-I don't think that is possible or desirable. You can, however evict him out of your head-space for a short time, while you get to the business of writing.

One of the exercises that I find works is the morning pages (Thanks and credits to Julia Cameron for this exercise). Three pages of free writing about anything. You cant do them wrong, you just write three pages about anything. It serves the purpose of quieting your censor, because all of those thoughts were going to come up, anyway. Now that you have it out, your censor has no foothold. Also I have gotten some great ideas just from writing like this.

James Scott Bell suggests writing dialogue. This is a great exercise. You just write dialogue- go crazy, cut loose- let it take you wherever its going. The point is you are writing.

Some of us have rituals. A favorite pen or notebook. A special writing area. Lighting incense before during or after. Some require strong extra large doses of caffeine prepared in their favorite coffee house, or at home. Some require that the planets be in alignment. We all have our ways of doing this, the point is that it must be done in order for us to write.  Me, there are days I would love to take my censor out back, tie him to a post and flog him senseless. He is too wily to be caught so I shut him up instead.

Seems to be working so far. What methods do you use I would love to hear them.

writers write,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pursue your Passion

Its the only way to do it.
You have to ask yourself
What would I do even if there was no reward?
What would I do even if no one else noticed?
What is that thing that burns within, that drives me to do it no matter what?

When you can answer those questions, honestly you will have found your passion. For me early on it was writing. I have been writing ever since I was very young. Short stories no one read. Novellas I would let some friends read. Journals in marble notebooks. Now blogs and books. One of the key ingredients to following your passion is that you don't seek the approval of others to follow that burning fire within, you just do it.

When you don't find it you will know. There is a longing within, a space, a void that needs to be filled. There are indicators that demonstrate you aren't following your passion- restlessness, discomfort, anxiety, apathy boredom-to name a few. A real easy way to find your passion is to ask yourself this question (in case the above three are too vague). If money were not an issue in your life, what would you do or pursue?  You will find that the answer to this question is your passion.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your passion, pursue it!

writers write


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dont strand yourself on an island

Its possible you have heard some of these:

In order to be a writer you must struggle ALONE in obscurity.

There is no way you can write while surrounded by other writers or artists.

Writing forces you to be disconnected and its better that way.

A writer can only truly depend on themselves, no ones knows you like you.

I'm sure there are countless others and I'm here to tell you that its false. Actually I believed this and worse for a long time while I wrote and struggled to identify as a writer. Then I realized, if I am going through this other writers must be going through the same thing. It wasn't an epiphany, but it was close. So I started to look around and found groups of writers who band together to write or offer support.

There are teachers who will share  their experiences( Julia Cameron comes to mind with  one of my favorite writing book:

The Right to Write

as does Stephen King's On Writing

 If you haven't picked up these books please do. They will motivate you and give you a glimpse of what it means to write.

Another great source I have found recently ( OK I'm slow to this) are blogs. There are countless writing blogs in existence but I have found quite a few excellent ones, here are some: -Blogged by Chuck Wendig who is an excellent writer with a very unique sense of humor. On occasion he has guest writers which make for great reading and plenty of useful information. Blogged by Jeff Goins. A very good blog filled with down to earth inspiration and motivation.

He also wrote(among others):
 The Writers Manifesto

 Its a fast read, but a very profound call to action. If you haven't embraced your calling as a writer this book will spur you to answer that call. Look up Jeff he has some great books that will transform  your view on writing..

There are many more that I will share with you over time, but ideally the key is to go out and connect with others, writers, readers, bloggers, agents, publishers-Basically anyone who loves using words to express themselves. Go find them. Stop thinking you need to be alone to be a writer- I thought that for a long time and its not true. Join a writers club. Find a place where writes converge, online and off.
 In NY we have a few writing cafes that are excellent places to meet fellow writers. Find the one that suits you or create one.
The key is not to be alone in this adventure we call writing.

writers write

Friday, October 11, 2013

The thick skin you need as a writer

So I am getting responses back from some of my beta readers. Most are saying that they love the story (Blur) and then like the inevitable breakup conversation that starts with "we need to talk" they begin.

"Loved the story, but why is this happening or why is this character doing that?

"It was great but this doesn't make sense."

You get the gist I'm sure. Now just to be clear I enjoy this, actually I asked for it. Its part of the writing process and as amazing as I may think I am ( in my own mind) I know better. Its important to put your story and yourself out in front of others to get feedback and criticism, because it helps you make the story better. That is the point isn't it? A pairing down of things unnecessary and superfluous. In order for all of this to work however, you need thick skin.

You need to be able to take criticism, constructive and destructive and move on. You cant take it personally even though you want to, and I know you really want to, but don't. Remember, focus on the story, its all about the story. You as the writer can fade into the background, but the story should shine in the foreground. You need to be able to look past the battering of your story, characters and even writing ability to continue writing. In my opinion, if you cant do this you have no business writing, really.

This doesn't mean you should only subject to criticism that destroys your work. You should pick your early readers with care, people that will read your work and be honest  and supportive of you being a writer. If you only want glowing reviews (and who doesn't) then only use your family. That way you can get a skewed review in your favor (its delusional, but fun). If you want honesty, pick people who like you, but are not afraid of telling you the truth with compassion. That last part is important. Writers tend to be sensitive individuals who bruise easily. This is all done with the understanding that you must release your story into the world, and not everyone will be kind or a fan. Remember to be your own greatest fan.

If you are a writer then cultivate the thick skin needed to hone your craft and undergo the scrutiny required to improve from being a good writer to a great one. If you ever find yourself fortunate enough to be an early reader of someones work remember that the point is to make the story better without destroying the writer in the process. Think surgical strike instead of  a slash and burn policy. Focus on the writing not the writer and you will be sought often to improve those nascent novels.

writers write


Monday, October 7, 2013

Embracing the title

What does it mean when I say I'm a writer? Does it mean I spend my time engaging in flights of fancy? Do I hear voices in my head and more importantly, write down what these voices say?

Honestly its hard to pinpoint the exact definition. It does mean I enjoy and strive to hone my craft of conveying story through the written word. It means that I believe in story and good storytelling. Ultimately I think being a writer and embracing the title means, to me, that the activity, the action of writing takes on a life of its own in my life. Its not that I like to write ( I do) it is that I have to write. Its one of my methods of self expression. From journals when I was younger to blogs now, writing has been a central theme in my life. I don't think you wake up one day and decide, " I'm a writer."  What happens is that over time you realize that this is your preferred method of telling a story, yours or another persons ( real or fictitious) and at some point you embrace the tittle of writer.

Two things can occur at this point You can rebel at the thought of being a writer, even if you have embraced the title. The self doubt rears its head and surreptitiously whispers in your ear that you aren't a "real" writer- whatever that is. Or you completely accept being a writer and revel in the process of it all- from agony to elation and back again, over and over. I can say that for me I am still wrapping my head around the idea of being a writer even though I have done some form of writing my entire life.
My opinion is that no matter how long you have been doing it, on some level I don't think you ever get truly comfortable with the title.

Maybe that's a good thing.

writers write


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beta Readers

I'm one step closer to getting Blur published. Currently its in the hands of five beta readers and yes its like the first time you hire a babysitter to watch your child, the most precious thing to you in your entire world-very close to that feeling. I have never done this before ( this is my second novel being published), but I felt that with this novel it was warranted and I think it can improve the overall quality of the book. Do I like it ? Hell no. Its like I'm in a weird place-a sort of writers limbo where my book is being subjected to the scrutiny of others, my characters tortured, unmasked and deconstructed. Yes I know this is not rational thinking. I'm a writer, I specialize in non rational thinking. Not only that, I actually asked for this.

So what do I do in the meantime? I write. I edit my next project-a book on fatherhood that I will release around the same time Blur comes out. I write the second book to my Spiritual Warriors series- The Ascendant Warrior. Basically I keep writing because, I cant stop and because to not write is to invite simultaneous brain implosion and explosion. Writers really do hear voices in their heads. Letting these voices loose with a system of checks and balances, well no matter how I envision that scenario its not a pretty sight. I say that last bit with the utmost seriousness and hilarity. See what I mean?

And so I keep writing, Ill let you know how it goes.

writers write


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blur Cover in final phases

This is a rough of the final phase of the cover for Blur which is in that last part of edit mode. I wanted to share this because it took a while to come up with this concept and frankly I think it looks good. There are still some elements that will be tweaked in regards to font color and placements, but overall I'm very excited that the book will be coming out in about a month or so. The next step is to have my beta readers read their ARCs give me feedback and then the last revision before publishing begins. Its looking like and mid November publish date.

I will be sure to keep you posted

writers write

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Scythe of simplification

My second book Blur is in the edit process. It feels just like this-going over each word, each line and taking a scythe to it. Looking at each word, sentence- can it be cut- made simpler?  Can the story be made tighter- the pace faster here, slower here?  Its a long tedious process, but its necessary in order to create a book I can be proud of. Yes there are times I feel like the reaper when I go through the revision / edit process. Yes there are moments I would rather put it off because I know it means work, sometimes a lot of work. However I am a writer and this is what I enjoy doing. No one said it was going to be easy, actually everyone warned me it was going to be tough thankless work most of the time, and still I jumped in.

So I will sit with my story, sharpen the scythe and act the reaper when needed. When Im done a much leaner book will emerge to engage and thrill readers- starting with me.

writers write

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pulling tight the skein of your writing

I just finished(this past week) the first draft of Blur. It is now in the editing process and being transcribed to a digital format, since I write longhand in something approximating Cyrillic crossed with Japanese. Then the much anticipated but often dreaded rewrite. Im looking at an early to mid May release and I was thinking of the process. A book has one overreaching thread which quickly becomes several threads. These threads then branch off in tangents which are related to the main thread but follow their own course. As a writer you must be able to follow the skein of your story. Pulling tight where the pace needs adjusting, cutting a thread where or when it becomes unneeded. The longer the story the greater the possibility of more threads. I keep them straight ( a very loose term) by staying immersed in the story. How do you keep them straight?

writers write

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let it simmer

Blur, my second book is almost done. At this point the end is in sight, on the horizon. Then comes the editing and handing off to my beta readers and then after all that is done and I get all the feedback- nothing. I let it simmer. I don't go back to the book until I actually start to forget parts of it. Why do I do this?  It gives me fresh eyes. It lets me approach the book as a reader not as the writer, which I have discovered has notoriously acute tunnel vision when it comes to my own writing.

I really suggest this as part of the writing process. The best way to let the book simmer is to get on the next book right away. Immerse yourself in your next project while the finished one is simmering. Then when you go back and rewrite and tweak and adjust and tighten the story, guess what is happening to the current project you are working on? It is simmering. So the cycle never ends.

This is what works for me. What works for you?

writers write

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making it to the finish line

So I'm on the last few chapters of Blur, my next book. I know when a book is about to end because that's when the procrastination urge hits overdrive. I also make it a point to carry the the unfinished book with me wherever I go. It gives me no excuses to put off writing, no easy outs. For me this is the most challenging part of writing-finishing the book.

Starting is easy, its a new adventure full of possibility. The middle is where the action is, things are happening  its all very exciting. The end? Well have to bring resolution to all that action and oh let me check my email. Wait must bring closure to that scene and  oh so many other non writing things to do!! You get the idea, I'm sure. Bottom line-here is how I did it on my previous book. You get yourself in a chair and just do it. Here you have to be uncompromising, first with yourself and with pretty much everyone else. This comes first. This gets done. Be unwavering. Do not capitulate. Get it done.

How do you make it to the finish line?

See you on the other side.

writers write

Monday, January 14, 2013


As I finish my second book, Blur and begin on my third, The Ascendants, I have been asked where do I get my inspiration? I look at my bookshelves and at my kindle and some of the authors there are very prolific,( I have an entire shelf occupied by Terry Pratchett for example) while others not so much. So it got me thinking, where do I get my inspiration?
 I have always been of the mind that as a story teller we don't create new stories, ( is there even such a thing? ) but  that we are the stenographers of space and creative essence. What is commonplace to most, to a storyteller ( insert writer , painter, screenwriter, dancer or any other creative expression) is layered with meaning. We take the commonplace and ask what if? Why do we do this? I couldn't really tell you. Its just the way we are hardwired.

So I get my inspiration from everywhere. From the mundane to the mystical its all ripe for the plucking. The fact that there are so many new books released every day only lends credence to this idea of mine, that we are all tapped into a creative space, but our individuality gives it a unique voice. I believe everyone has access to this, it's just that so few answer its call.

Where do you get your inspiration?

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Just write it

On my window sill beside my desk I have no less than ten books on writing your first novel. This is not including the numerous articles I have on my hard drives. Included in this list are  a few must haves - Strunk and White- Elements of Style travels with me everywhere. so does Stephen King-On Writing. The others while good reads- (and think about this, being a writer reading about writing has to be the epitome of procrastination) did not really further my writing or prompt me to write any faster. Now don't misunderstand, I am all for learning and honing our craft of word smithing. Many times that takes reading and learning and studying. However the best way I have found to get better at writing is-writing. So why do I have ten books on writing staring at me everyday?  Well I bought those books before my first book was published and it was really a way to feel like I was progressing in my book without actually having to write. In other words it was busy work, but not real work. Very similar to shifting those papers around from one side of the desk to another but not really doing anything about them.

So here is my advice: Just write it- already.
You want to become better as a writer you have to write, a lot.
You want to become a published writer? It wont happen just thinking about it, only you can write your story.
By all means hone your craft, learn as much as possible. Read the books on writing, get the style guides. Just understand that at the end of the day none of that can replace your voice on a page.

writers write