Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making it to the finish line

So I'm on the last few chapters of Blur, my next book. I know when a book is about to end because that's when the procrastination urge hits overdrive. I also make it a point to carry the the unfinished book with me wherever I go. It gives me no excuses to put off writing, no easy outs. For me this is the most challenging part of writing-finishing the book.

Starting is easy, its a new adventure full of possibility. The middle is where the action is, things are happening  its all very exciting. The end? Well have to bring resolution to all that action and oh let me check my email. Wait must bring closure to that scene and  oh so many other non writing things to do!! You get the idea, I'm sure. Bottom line-here is how I did it on my previous book. You get yourself in a chair and just do it. Here you have to be uncompromising, first with yourself and with pretty much everyone else. This comes first. This gets done. Be unwavering. Do not capitulate. Get it done.

How do you make it to the finish line?

See you on the other side.

writers write

Monday, January 14, 2013


As I finish my second book, Blur and begin on my third, The Ascendants, I have been asked where do I get my inspiration? I look at my bookshelves and at my kindle and some of the authors there are very prolific,( I have an entire shelf occupied by Terry Pratchett for example) while others not so much. So it got me thinking, where do I get my inspiration?
 I have always been of the mind that as a story teller we don't create new stories, ( is there even such a thing? ) but  that we are the stenographers of space and creative essence. What is commonplace to most, to a storyteller ( insert writer , painter, screenwriter, dancer or any other creative expression) is layered with meaning. We take the commonplace and ask what if? Why do we do this? I couldn't really tell you. Its just the way we are hardwired.

So I get my inspiration from everywhere. From the mundane to the mystical its all ripe for the plucking. The fact that there are so many new books released every day only lends credence to this idea of mine, that we are all tapped into a creative space, but our individuality gives it a unique voice. I believe everyone has access to this, it's just that so few answer its call.

Where do you get your inspiration?

writers write

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just write it

On my window sill beside my desk I have no less than ten books on writing your first novel. This is not including the numerous articles I have on my hard drives. Included in this list are  a few must haves - Strunk and White- Elements of Style travels with me everywhere. so does Stephen King-On Writing. The others while good reads- (and think about this, being a writer reading about writing has to be the epitome of procrastination) did not really further my writing or prompt me to write any faster. Now don't misunderstand, I am all for learning and honing our craft of word smithing. Many times that takes reading and learning and studying. However the best way I have found to get better at writing is-writing. So why do I have ten books on writing staring at me everyday?  Well I bought those books before my first book was published and it was really a way to feel like I was progressing in my book without actually having to write. In other words it was busy work, but not real work. Very similar to shifting those papers around from one side of the desk to another but not really doing anything about them.

So here is my advice: Just write it- already.
You want to become better as a writer you have to write, a lot.
You want to become a published writer? It wont happen just thinking about it, only you can write your story.
By all means hone your craft, learn as much as possible. Read the books on writing, get the style guides. Just understand that at the end of the day none of that can replace your voice on a page.

writers write