Monday, October 1, 2012

Guerrilla Writing

I usually write in a starbux
In fact my first book (The Spiritual Warrior
 was almost entirely written in the starbux my neighborhood. What I have realized with my insane schedule is that its not ideal to have only ONE place to write. for starters it sets me up to skip writing on those days when I dont "FEEL" like writing (another subject altogether). It gives me an out if I cant get to starbux to write. So I have decided to embark on a different writing journey for my second book which is now almost two thirds done. I call it guerrilla writing, which I'm sure is not a new nor solely mine.

Basically what it means is that I will begin to steal snatches of time and write wherever possible. The fact that I write longhand makes this ideal, but I'm certain if you have a laptop it can work as well. It means not buying into the whole " I must write ten pages today or I have failed!" mentality and write snippets. A paragraph, two sentences even a very awesome word furthers your writing along by that much more.

I suggest this to all writers out there. This is not to say that your method doesnt work. We all write differently, I am suggesting taking this up to see if it can make you freer about your writing, something like the difference between writing being a monolithic and ponderous THING that must be carried out in a set way and writing becoming mobile, nimble and free, happening wherever you may be. I will let you know how my own journey goes.

writers write,