Monday, April 22, 2013

Pulling tight the skein of your writing

I just finished(this past week) the first draft of Blur. It is now in the editing process and being transcribed to a digital format, since I write longhand in something approximating Cyrillic crossed with Japanese. Then the much anticipated but often dreaded rewrite. Im looking at an early to mid May release and I was thinking of the process. A book has one overreaching thread which quickly becomes several threads. These threads then branch off in tangents which are related to the main thread but follow their own course. As a writer you must be able to follow the skein of your story. Pulling tight where the pace needs adjusting, cutting a thread where or when it becomes unneeded. The longer the story the greater the possibility of more threads. I keep them straight ( a very loose term) by staying immersed in the story. How do you keep them straight?

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