Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Help my brain is on FIRE!!!

Its day 6. I'm 11k in and frankly my brain is smoldering. Nanowrimo is, for those of us who take a more relaxed approach, like writing at 100 mph. With no brakes. Oh and look there's a turn coming up.

Actually its a great experience so far. The story which I outlined loosely in October, but has been harassing me since early September, is flowing. Granted this is a zero draft because I'm just writing  and not giving much thought to finer details. I'm just getting the story on the page. I'll pull out the scythe on the next pass and the pass after that.

Also this is the first time I'm taking on typing the book as I write. I usually write my books longhand, yes its a long process-hence the smoldering  brain. I wanted to attempt typing this time for several reasons. I wanted to hone the typing skills and I wanted a way to keep an accurate track of word count which is not easily done longhand.

At this rate I have been doing about 2k a day for the last 5 days. I find if I do my writing early in the day it works. Also late at night seems to be a good time, when the little ones are in bed. Middle of the day, not so much. Too distracted with other things pulling ion my time.

Will keep you posted.

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