Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creating the safe haven

Recently (as in the last year or so) I took to writing in a starbux as I have mentioned in earlier posts. I have discovered however that I would like to have a space to write. Not because starbux is prohibitive. I really enjoy writing there and they don't harass you
(for what they charge for a grande white mocha they better not). It has more to do with creating a place that allows you to enter a creative space easily. Now initially I thought this should be an actual physical space-you know the scenario closed door, do not disturb sign on said door, two handmaidens standing behind you as you write, with palm leaves slowly creating a soft breeze while a third is on standby to give you a neck massage  at a moments notice. In the background there is perfect ambient music stimulating creativity with every note. Just me? Possibly, but I digress. So after the idea of a physical space passed I thought how does this idea fit in with my concept of a Guerilla Writing(I know there is a book there somewhere)? If I want to be able to write anywhere how do I create this space that allows me to be creative anywhere? How do I establish a creative oasis that I can enter whenever and wherever?

And so this is the challenge. My first attempts have been just to sit in meditation for 15 minutes a day. I find it clears my brain of stray thoughts that are potential roadblocks to writing freely. I also write with music playing(usually headphones) and this creates a kind of sound bubble when I write. It also engages my brain to such a degree that I am writing and my brain thinks its listening to music. I find the music helps because my writing process is very visual and so the music becomes a type of soundtrack to my writing. Can I write without music? Yes, but its not as fun or free for me. Sometimes there is no choice (some words demand to be written NOW), but usually I always have my Ipod at the ready.

So how do you do it ? I would like to hear from fellow writers how you enter the creative space. Are you always there? Do you have rituals? Is it easy or torture? Do the planets have to align or is it just sitting in front of your computer or notebook?

writers write,

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