Friday, December 14, 2012

Physical Exercise as a Creative Tool

I am a third degree black belt. I have been training for close to three decades. I recently published my first book The Spiritual Warriors: this year. So as I think about these two facets of who I am I begin to wonder- what role does my training play in my writing?
I found that it affects my writing to a large degree. If I am feeling tired or lackluster, a good training session revs me up. When I am revved up the ideas start to flow. I'm sure there is some brain chemistry involved around the endorphins released during rigorous physical activity. What I have found is that my brain enters a very interesting state when I train that is not easily accessible when I haven't. I have had some very profound, crazy (by my definition) funny and bizarre (again my definition) ideas and scenarios play out during and after my training sessions. They have all been useful and most of the times I can use all or part of the idea that surfaces from these moments.
What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a direct correlation between physical activity and your writing? 

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