Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making it to the finish line

So I'm on the last few chapters of Blur, my next book. I know when a book is about to end because that's when the procrastination urge hits overdrive. I also make it a point to carry the the unfinished book with me wherever I go. It gives me no excuses to put off writing, no easy outs. For me this is the most challenging part of writing-finishing the book.

Starting is easy, its a new adventure full of possibility. The middle is where the action is, things are happening  its all very exciting. The end? Well have to bring resolution to all that action and oh let me check my email. Wait must bring closure to that scene and  oh so many other non writing things to do!! You get the idea, I'm sure. Bottom line-here is how I did it on my previous book. You get yourself in a chair and just do it. Here you have to be uncompromising, first with yourself and with pretty much everyone else. This comes first. This gets done. Be unwavering. Do not capitulate. Get it done.

How do you make it to the finish line?

See you on the other side.

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  1. Understand the need to delay in finishing a book. I have the same problem mainly because I hate to do rewrites.

    Best of luck getting it done.