Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writer Support

I am fortunate to be part of several communities, tribes if you will. One of these tribes is my writing tribe. Writers appear to the outside world as a reclusive, introverted and strange bunch. We are. We hear voices, create strange worlds, live in our minds and get these images and places down somewhere we can share them.  This tribe is also incredibly supportive.

I have had the pleasure of meeting mainstream published writers and indie self published writers. The only difference between the two was how they chose to share their work with the world. Writers are gracious, witty, bizarre, hilarious, somber, insightful and open to new ideas. I've had writers meet with me , just because. Its how we are. When I published my first book, writers ( I only knew a few then) cheered me on. My victory was theirs as well-they truly elevated my voice. They also kicked my ass, and told me in no uncertain terms-get started on the next book, NOW.

In this spirit I would like to support a writer who has been writing probably longer than I've been alive (sorry Chuck lol). His name is Chuck Wendig and he writes a great blog and has some excellent books out as well.

You can find the  blog here :

Currently he is offering a bundle of books for only $10.00. Its an excellent bundle and well worth your picking up, especially if you are a writer.
You can find the link to bundle here:

He is offering this for a short time ( during NaNoWriMo), so get it while you can.

This is what we do as writers, like Atlas we hold each other up. Show each other off when we can and get those voices out in to the world.

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